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Total Number of Entries: 167 
# of Countries Represented: 30 
Current WO LT Coefficient: 2 
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METU Dance Sport ClubMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkish Dance Sport FederationWorld Dance Sport Federation
The photographers, who are not accredited for the event, will not be allowed to enter the photographer zones in the venue.

Since the photographer seats will be numbered, the photographers are kindly asked to submit their information (name, surname, e-mail, mobile number) and their preferred working hours to before October 26, 2018, to complete their accreditation procedure.

The accredited photographers are expected to deliver all their raw copies to the Organization Committee no later than 1 month after the event.

Below, is the list of acccredited photographers for METU OPEN 2018:

Photographer Day 1 Day 2 Web Site
Bo─ča├ž Erkan Yes Yes
Bulut Balta Yes Yes Yans─▒ Dijital
B├╝lent ├ľzt├╝rk Yes Yes
Bar─▒┼č Er Yes Yes
Ahmet ├ľzkan Yes Yes
Dilan Ka├žan Yes Yes
Hale Binay Yes Yes
─░lkay Toka├ž Yes Yes
Tuna Ergan Yes Yes
Mert Yald─▒z Yes Yes
├ľnder Ergan Yes Yes
Sercan Debelec Yes Yes
┼×uayip Kona├žo─člu Yes Yes
P─▒nar Candan T─▒rt─▒l Yes Yes
Elif Buzlup─▒nar Yes
Mehmet Ya┼ča Yes Yes
Gevher Erbay Yes Yes
Ufuk Yaram─▒┼č Yes Yes
Ey├╝p Salacak Yes Yes
Fuat Emre Bak─▒r Yes Yes
Sami G├╝r Yes Yes
─░lker Yavuz Yes Yes
─░brahim Erbay Yes Yes
AFSAD Sahne Sanatlar─▒ At├Âlyesi Yes Yes

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