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Total Number of Entries: 167 
# of Countries Represented: 30 
Current WO LT Coefficient: 2 
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METU Dance Sport ClubMiddle East Technical UniversityTurkish Dance Sport FederationWorld Dance Sport Federation
There will be no reimbursement of travelling expenses.

The Organization Committee will meet all competitors who subscribed to full-pass
package at Ankara International Esenbo─ča Airport or Ankara Bus Station.

The airlines listed below has direct flights to Ankara:

The passengers to arrive at ─░stanbul can take coaches to Ankara.
Recommended agencies:

The plan below, shows the routes to METU campus (orange shaded region in the plan) from Esenbo─ča Airport, Bus Terminal and Train Gare:

Other Facilities

Coiffeur for men and women, post-office, super market, banks and ATMs are available in the Campus.