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Total Number of Entries: 167 
# of Countries Represented: 30 
Current WO LT Coefficient: 2 
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    Date: November 3-4, 2018, Saturday-Sunday
    Venue: METU Sports Hall, Ankara-TURKEY
    Floor: 15 x 25 meters parquet

    Organiser: METU Dance Sport Club, ODT├ť Yerleskesi - 06531, Ankara [see Contacts]


    WDSF WORLD OPEN LATIN (ADULTS) (Expected World Ranking Coefficient: 1.90)
    WDSF OPEN STANDARD (ADULTS) (Expected World Ranking Coefficient: 1.05)
    WDSF RISING STAR (ADULTS, no top-50 couples)
    WDSF YOUTH OPEN LATIN (Expected World Ranking Coefficient: 1.05)
    WDSF YOUTH OPEN STANDARD (Expected World Ranking Coefficient: 1.00)
    JUVENILE-II LATIN (4 dances: Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive)
    JUVENILE-II STANDARD (4 dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Quickstep)
    JUVENILE-I LATIN (3 dances: Samba, Cha Cha Cha, Jive)
    JUVENILE-I STANDARD (3 dances: Slow Waltz, Tango, Quickstep)

    2018 Age Groups
    Juvenile-I: born in 2009 or after
    Juvenile-II: born in 2007-2008
    Junior-I: born in 2005-2006
    Junior-II: born in 2003-2004
    Youth: born in 2000-2002
    Adult: born in 1999 or before

    Note: Junior-I couples are allowed to compete in Junior-II, Junior-II couples are allowed to compete in Youth, Youth couples and Senior couples are allowed to compete in competitions of the Adult age group. It is NOT allowed that Juvenile II couples compete in Junior I age group on the reason of the syllabus. In all age groups one partner of a couple can be younger.


    Click here to download the draft program


    All competitors have to submit their entry forms no later than October 25, 2018 at 11pm.

    Entry Fee is 40 Euro/couple for single competition; and 15 Euro/couple for each additional competition.

    For the couples, a full-pass package is offered for 140 Euro/person. this package includes:
    * The entry fee for one competition. (For each additional competition, 15 Euro/couple shall be charged.)
    * 3 nights accommodation including breakfast
    * Lunch box on the competition days
    * Domestic transports between the airport, hotel and venue

    NOTICE-1: A discount of 15 EUR/person will be offered for the full-pass package to the couples from foreign countries, who complete their online registrations before 1 September 2018. (ie.: 125 EUR/person instead of 140 EUR/person for the 3-nights full-pass package) This discount is not valid for accompanying people.

    NOTICE-2: The full-pass package will be supplied free of charge to the couples ranked in the top 50 in WDSF Adults Ranking list (Latin or Standard); and to the couples in top 25 in WDSF Youth Ranking list (Latin or Standard)!


    A total of 3300 Euros prize money will be given for finalists of WDSF WORLD OPEN LATIN:

    1st place 800 Euros
    2nd place 700 Euros
    3rd place 600 Euros
    4th place 500 Euros
    5th place 400 Euros
    6th place 300 Euros

    Special awards shall be offered for the first three couples of the other competitions.


    1. All overseas competitors must be members of their respective National DanceSport Associations who are members of the WDSF.

    2. All Turkish competitors must be members of the Turkish DanceSport Federation.

    3. The event organiser reserves the right to refuse entries from persons whose status are unclear according to WDSF Rules.

    4. No change of partner is allowed in the same event.

    5. All competitors must be dressed in appropriate costumes as specified in the WDSF Dress Regulations.

    6. Advertising on competition dress is allowed subject to WDSF Rules.

    7. All competitors must attend rehearsals as requested by the event organiser.

    8. All competitors must be present for their events on time. Late-comers will be disqualified.

    9. Doping is strictly forbidden. The IOC Rules on doping shall apply. Any persons assisting or inciting others in the contravention of doping rules shall be considered as having committed an offence and will be subject to disciplinary action.

    10. The event organiser reserves the right to change the programme of events without prior notice.

    11. The event organiser will not accept any liability, claims for injuries, damage or loss suffered by the competitors.

    12. The judges' decision shall be final.

    13. In the event of any question or matter arising out of any point which is not expressively provided for in the rules, the event organiser shall have the power to use its own discretion.

    14. Date of Birth must be stated on the entry form for all the categories. The organiser may request proof of age.